Atiku thanks UK for supporting Nigeria with £200m

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has shown appreciation to the United Kingdom for its interest in rebuilding Nigeria.

Atiku expresed his gratitude in reaction to the UK’s pledge to support Nigeria’s north-east with £200 million to fight insurgency in the region.

In a statement titled ‘Celebrating and Appreciating Nigeria’s Oldest Friend’, Atiku described the UK as ” Nigeria’s oldest friend” adding that both countries had much in common.

“I thank the United Kingdom, Nigeria’s oldest friend and ally, for pledging £200 million to rebuild Nigeria, especially the north-east geo political zone from which I hail,” the statement read.

“To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, the UK and Nigeria are two countries separated by a common language. Our two nations have too much in common not to have common ground.

“As I said to the UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, when I met her earlier this summer, Nigeria is not asking for what we have not given.

“The gallant men and women of our armed forces have given their lives and limbs to bring peace and prosperity to nations all over the world and in time past we made generous contributions to the development of other nations.

“I also urge other long term friends of Nigeria to support our federal government as we rebuild our nation and defeat our common enemies in the war on terror.”

Source: Todayng


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