Jimmy Kimmel defends NBC news calls Trump a ‘Tornado of fake news’

Popular US TV host and producer of “Jimmy kimmel live” on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel has spoken out against President Trump’s constant claims of “fake news” and his recent attack on MSNBC.

On his Thursday night show, Kimmel referred to the president’s latest tweets at MSNBC, saying the conflict is ironic because he “ is a tornado of fake news.”

NBC news on Wednesday circulated a report alleging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to have called President Trump a moron and contemplated to resign in July – a report that fell on the tense side of Trump. The President through several tweets labelled the report as fake, rained harsh words on the media agency and even suggest a scrutiny from Senate Intel committee.

Kimmel however said, “The irony is, no breathing human on the planet earth produces more fake news than Donald Trump.”

Kimmel also pointed at the president’s PolitiFact rating, which shows that only five percent of the things Trump says publicly have been verified as true, while 69 percent of his statements are “mostly false, false, or ‘pants on fire’ false.”

“He’s the Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, and Great Wall of China of fake news combined. Donald Trump criticizing fake news is like Hugh Hefner criticizing fake breasts”, kimmel added.

“Round two of the rap battle goes to Stephanie Ruhle,” Kimmel said, referring to MSNBC reporter Stephen Ruhle’s response to Trump’s claims of “no verification from me”, where he said: “Sir, we didn’t need to verify that he called you a moron, he did it behind your back.”

Source: ynaija


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