Kylie Jenner might be planning a pretty epic pregnancy announcement

Kylie Jenner, who is reportedly four months pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, has kept everyone waiting for an official pregnancy announcement for a couple of weeks now. Although the buzz surrounding her possible pregnancy has died down a little bit.

According to Radar Online, Kylie was thinking about selling her big announcement to the highest bidder … which we all know would result in a pretty hefty paycheck. However, she has instead decided to break the news herself.

A source told Radar online

“Kylie will announce her pregnancy on Instagram in the next week or so. And she believes that she is going to break the internet when she does”

If the report is true and Kylie really is planning an epic social media bombshell, then we can only imagine how much attention it’s going to get. Maybe even more than her big sister Kim’s 2014 “break the internet” photos.

Source: cafemom




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