Kris Jenner scores $15 million as manager in New E!/ Kardashian $150 million contract

Kris Jenner knows how to work it  because as well as scoring $150 million in the Kardashian’s new E! contract, she’s pocketed $15 million in manager’s fees.

It’s standard operating procedure in Hollywood for managers to take a fee. Fact is … Kris is giving her fam a break with a 10% fee, because many managers get 15%. Plus she’s the one who negotiated the deal, which is 50% higher than the last one the family signed with E! in 2015.

In this case, of the $150 million, $15 mil will be taken off the top for Kris. According to TMZ, the remaining $135 million will be split among the family as they see fit. And remember … Kris gets a piece of that pie.

The $150 million covers all services provided by the family, and is payment for 5 cycles or seasons which will take them through 2019.


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