Pamela Bach says David must pay spousal support because 55-year-Old Actresses can’t find work

David Hasseloff’s wife has clapped back at his claim she needs to get a job … she says it’s tough when you’re a 55-year-old actress.

Pamela Bach has just responded to David’s petition to cut her off from spousal support. He’s currently paying her $10k a month but claims she’s perfectly capable of finding work and supporting herself.

Pamela says in new legal docs … she’s made “good faith and reasonable efforts” to land work as an actress but, given her age, “the current market for actresses” and the time she’s been a homemaker … it’s been next to impossible.

She says she did find some work … notably on “Celebrity Big Brother,” but that’s it.

According to TMZ, Pamela also says it’s a travesty to cut her off, claiming David makes around $1 million a year. She says she spent her prime earning years taking care of their home  and raising their 2 daughters so David could pursue his career.

In the docs, she adds David never forked over a $1 million payment to balance their separation of assets when they divorced. She says he got a boat, jetskis, 2 trusts with a lot of assets and their home — while essentially all she got was $325,000 out of the house.


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