Man who Deactivated Donald Trump’s Twitter account reveals his Identity

President Donald Trump’s Twitter account in early November is coming forward and is revealing his indentity.

According to PEOPLE so-called rogue Twitter employee is Bahtiyar Duysak and he sat down with TechCrunch, to speak about what really happened on his last day as a contractor for the social media company including whether he intentionally set out to silence the commander-in-chief.

“In my opinion, it was definitely a mistake and if I am involved with this, I really apologize if I hurt anyone,” he said. “I didn’t do anything on purpose but as I said, I had a wild time in America and I was tired sometimes and everyone can do mistakes.”

He continued, “I didn’t hack anyone. I didn’t do anything I wasn’t authorized to do… I didn’t do any crime. I just want to continue an ordinary life.”

“I didn’t do any crime or anything evil, but I feel like Pablo Escobar,” he told the publication from his hometown in  Germany, “and slowly it’s getting really annoying.”

Duysak said he is not looking to work in the tech field in the future, “But I love Twitter and I love America.”


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