Omarosa and Donald Trump on good terms following the white house exit

Omarosa and her old boss, Donald Trump are NOT on the outs even though she’s out of the White House — ’cause they were still chummy Wednesday morning … TMZ has learned.1213-omarosa-tmz-3.jpg

A well-placed source at the White House says President Trump spoke with Omarosa on the phone Wednesday following her resignation/”firing,” depending on who you talk to, from Tuesday night.

We’re told O and DT spoke for about an hour, and the conversation was warm and cordial. Our source also tells us the Prez will be issuing a statement — or probably (most definitely) a tweet — wishing Omarosa well and saying she’ll be missed.

TMZ broke the story … Omarosa and Trump butted heads over a number of issues in his first year as President, including his handling of Charlottesville , beefing with Rep. Wilson and Roy Moore … not to mention feuding with Chief of Staff General Kelly over access to Trump.



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