Kevin Hart reveals he didn’t initially want to have a new baby

Kevin Hart just became a father for the third time in November, but that doesn’t mean he was excited about being a new dad again from the start.

According to PEOPLE Hart, 38, who was the host of Saturday Night Live  this week, revealed during his opening monologue that now that his son Kenzo Kash been born, he could admit “that I wasn’t excited about having a baby in the beginning.”

“When we had the idea of having a baby, I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t know if I wanted a baby. That’s just me being honest, don’t judge me,” he said.

He went on to explain that the reason why he wasn’t initially excited was because he already had two babies — Heaven, 12, and Hendrix, 10. “I told my wife, I said, ‘Babe, I got the best of both worlds. I did it. We married, so technically, those babies are your babies.’ ”

But his wife Eniko Parrish wasn’t having it. The comedian joked that she responded by saying, “‘I know, but they old. I want new ones.’ ”

Hart whose son Kenzo is now 3-weeks old, also said that he didn’t know if he could handle having another 2-year-old baby in the house.

“For me, I didn’t want to deal with that 2-year-old age again, that was my fear. That’s a tough age, you gotta have a lot of patience to deal with that 2-year-old child,” he said. “Think about it, all you do is repeat yourself all day to a 2-year-old child.”



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