Charles Barkley thanks G.O.P for tax cut: I’m getting a rolex!!!

Charles Barkley gave a big shout-out to the Republican party for the brand new tax law  saying it sucks for poor people … but, since he’s in the 1%, he’s gonna blow his new savings on a ROLEX, BABY!!!

Sir Chuck was talking politics at the very end of “Inside the NBA” — when the gang was talking about Christmas presents … and Barkley got giddy about his holiday plans, thanks to the G.O.P bill.

“They say [the money] it’s gonna trickle down … I’m gonna trickle my fat ass down to the jewelry store and get me a new Rolex!”

According to TMZ,  barkley was clearly roasting Republicans during the segment … and added one final shot about how the bill will affect the poor.

“Thank you Republicans, I know I can always count on you to take care of us rich people, us one percenters.”


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