Blake Griffin files for paternity against Ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron

BlakeGriffin has filed for paternity against his ex-fiancee, Brynn Cameron, as things begin to heat up between him and Kendall Jenner.

According to balleralert, Griffin’s filing comes after he ignited a spark with the eldest Jenner. Now as things get serious between the two, Griffin wants to establish paternity of his children, Finley and Ford. According to the publication, Griffin is asking  for court- ordered custody and a child support agreement with Cameron.

However, in response, Cameron has filed legal documents of her own, asking for joint custody and child support, based on Griffin’s annual salary.

Apparently, Cameron was living with Griffin, even after their July split, but only moved out after Griffin’s new relationship hit headlines. Now Cameron believes Griffin left his family for a Hollywood relationship with Kendall, which doesn’t seem far-fectched seeing as how her sister Khloe is accused of taking her baby daddy away from his then pregnant baby mama.


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