Farrah Abraham reveals 8-year-old daughter was bullied for ‘not having a father’

Farrah Abraham 8-year-old daughter was bullied in public school for not having a father.

According to PEOPLE, the Teen Mom OG  star revealed the news in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday while remembering former boyfriend, Derek Underwood, who died one month before their daughter was born.

Abraham, 26, shared a photo of Underwood’s gravestone decorated with a red floral wreath as well as a Christmas-themed bush with a red bow and ornaments attached.

“In loving remembrance to Derek Underwood, 12/28/2008 father, son, nephew, cousin, friend and so much more,” Abraham wrote in the caption. “December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia.”

She continued, writing that her daughter had suffered from bullying at her former public school for “not having a father.”

“I thought why would any child not understand that’s out of one’s control and no one would ask for that,” the MTV star wrote. “In a world full of ignorance and wrongdoing I’m happy to say my daughter knows her truth and has strength in that beyond the ignorance.”

Abraham alleged a former employer of her’s and her mother, Debra Danielsen, attempted to use Underwood’s “loss as their gain.”

“This year I saw an employer longtime production and my mother try to use my loss as their gain for heartache and to act as though they cared about my health and supported the struggles of the loss of Derek I go through,” she wrote. “But for years they could not let it be at peace as nothing needs to be relived and this year of review has spoken for those who can not live life peacefully with you and support your growth and are not excited for your future and living better, happier, healthier are no longer welcome.”

The mother of one thanked Underwood’s spirit for “always watching over us,” adding that she and Sophia were enjoying a trip to Hong Kong that he “would love.”

Abraham has been open on the MTV reality series about showing how she talks about Underwood to Sophia and often visits his gravesite with their daughter.

Underwood died in a car accident on December 28, 2008, when Abraham was eight months pregnant. Although Abraham was estranged from him at the time of his death, she wrote in her book, My Teenage Dream Ended, that Underwood was “my first love, my only true love.”


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