Kim and Khloe Kardashian: Rob should have controlled himself during Chyna’s drama

Months after Rob Kardashian‘s drama with Blac Chyna reached its explosive peak, the aftermath is being documented on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

According to PEOPlE In a preview of Sunday’s episode, sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian sit down to discuss their brother’s bitter legal battle with his ex-fiancée, which began after he posted graphic and expletive-ridden content about her on social media in July — including three naked photos — while accusing her of drug abuse alcohol abuse and infidelity.

“Did you see how I just went off on Rob in our group text?” says Kim, 37. “I couldn’t take it.”

Khloé, 33, points out that there’s a “plus and a minus” to the situation — with the plus side being that there’s “no way” Rob, 30, and Chyna, 29, could “get back together after this.”

“Let’s focus on the positive,” Khloé says. “The negative is all of this other s— right now.”

“The negative is just that like, with Rob having sisters, he should just know better,” Kim says. “He should have just like, controlled himself.”

But Khloé is still in Rob’s corner.

“It just sucks,” she tells Kim. “He’s made out to [be] this bad guy when [Chyna] is taunting him. Love makes you do f—ed up things. Do you think anyone’s proud of that? No. You don’t f— with someone’s heart and emotions.”

After Rob’s social media rampage, Chyna and her legal team accused him of violating California’s revenge porn law. claiming in court documents obtained by PEOPLE that he allegedly hit her and threatened to kill himself multiple times. A judge later granted her a set of restraining orders against her ex.

His actions launched a two-month-long custody war over their 14-month-old daughter Dream Renee. The two agreed to joint custody Sept. 15, PEOPLE confirmed — though at the time, Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom said the decision “does not resolve all disputes between Chyna and Rob.”

“So Rob and Chyna have officially broken up, but they obviously still have to communicate for the custody of Dream,” Khloé says in the sneak peek. “They’re still having a hard time getting along. The legal battle that has been going on between the two of them has been super frustrating. I feel like this is escalating to a place that none of us could have ever imagined.”


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