Pregnant Kylie Jenner learning how to push with online Lamaze classes

Take a deep breath for this one … Kylie Jenner is taking Lamaze classes to help with her imminent birth, but she’s figured out a way of doing it privately, so no one sees her.

According to TMZ, Kylie’s been learning Lamaze online with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, acting as her partner.

For those who are unfamiliar … Lamaze is a childbirth technique that includes breathing exercises, stretching, hydrotherapy, massages, position changes and walking — all with the goal of facilitating a delivery and making it as smooth as possible for the mother.

Jordyn has been acting as Kylie’s birth coach, and she’s scooped up a ton of pregnancy and baby books as part of their curriculum.

Kylie’s doing her pregnancy walks with friends and fam around her house … never in public.

Well, not never. As TMZ, reported … Kylie surfaced in public on Wednesday to check out construction on a plot of land she recently purchased, with Jordyn by her side.

There’s a handful of online programs Kylie could be using — we’re not sure which one — but it seems the official website offers e-courses that suit her needs.


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