Mark Salling, No suicide note, body discovered by dumb luck

Mark Salling did not leave a suicide note and cops have already combed his home, his car and the area where he hanged himself and nothing has turned up … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

The question we’ve been asking for hours … how did police find Salling’s body in a remote area by a riverbed? We thought cops may have tracked the body through his cellphone or GPS on his car, but that wasn’t the case.0130-mark-salling-scene-footer-11.jpg

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … LAPD officers were in the area on an unrelated matter when they spotted Salling’s car. A missing persons report had already been filed, so cops ran the plates, determined it was Salling’s car, searched the area and found the body hanging from a tree.

TMZ broke the story, Salling committed suicide by hanging … he had been suicidal for months awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty child porn offenses.


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