North West takes topless photo of Kim Kardashian

Has Kim Kardashian gone too far? That seems to be the question on everybody’s mind after the 37-year-old reality star allowed her daughter, North West, take a topless photo of her while she changed out of her clothes.

Though some thought the controversial shot captured an empowering moment between the mother-daughter duo, arguing that it encouraged young kids to be comfortable with the human body at a young age, many questioned its ethics and criticized Kim for letting 4-year-old child take such a seemingly sexually charged

As with almost everything Kim does these days, fans had mixed feelings about the eyebrow-raising snap. Many questioned its ethics and thought it was in bad taste to have a toddler take a seemingly sexually charged photo of their mother.

“This is literally weird. Like it’s just weird”, user @eimearvarianbarry remarked, while @ninawinst82 asked, “Why would you get your daughter to take a pic like this?”kim-kardashian-north-west-020918-1518198418.jpg

“I wonder how many people would get social services called on them if this was anyone else but Kim K?? This is subpar parenting,” @campzan blasted.

“You don’t need to be a perfect parent to know that this is beyond ridiculous and desperate,” @__phillipaa__ wrote.

Source: Celebuzz


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