Alleged shooter nikolas Cruz threatened mass campus shooting 9 months ago

The man accused of slaughtering 17 students in Florida apparently had his sights set on a mass campus shooting 9 months ago, and made that clear in a YouTube comment.0215-viktor-cruz-youtube-comments-4.jpg

According to TMZ, Nikolas Cruz, posted on a video months ago, saying he was going to mimic the first mass school shooting in America. Charles Whitman shocked the nation in 1966 when he killed 17 people while perched on the University of Texas bell tower and began unloading rounds from his rifle. It was the first mass shooting of its kind in American history.

Cruz, who allegedly who killed 17, posted this eerie comment … “I am going to [do] what he did.” The comment was dated 9 months ago.

He went on to write, “f*** antifa wish to kill as many as I can.” This second comment was posted 6 months ago, which suggests these were not passing thoughts. He returned to the same video to reiterate these hateful thoughts. He added, “I am going to kill them in the future.”

It appears a YouTuber whose video Cruz was also commenting on alerted the FBI and YouTube in September.

Source: TMZ


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