Ashley Graham gets backup from S.I after Toccara Jones’ Twerk Diss(video)

Sports Illustrated is going to bat for Ashley Graham after Toccara Jones called her twerking abilities subpar — and this new video of her booty-shaking in the sand … is the perfect re-butt-al..


According to TMZ, S.I posted the new clip on Wednesday … showing more of Ashley’s on location twerk-off with a photo shoot crew member. Interestingly, the video dropped AFTER Toccara, the “Queen of Thickness,” called out AG’s twerk skills.

She straight-up laughed, telling us Ashley was lacking some major pop.

In Toccara’s defense … she was looking at a different SI vid (below), where Ashley was shot from afar.

There’s no clue if the new angle would sway Toccara’s vote, but we’ll say this — Ashley’s got plenty of swaying going on back there. Plenty.

Sports Illustrated clapped back with a sub-gram of Ashley clapping a lot of back. Well played. On everyone’s part.


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