Donald Trump’s noble peace price nomination investigated for fraud

Donald Trump’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, the second consecutive year that’s happened, but there’s a problem — his nominator might not be on the up and up.

According to TMZ, The Prez reportedly got the nom from an anonymous American for his “ideology of peace by force” — which sounds like an oxymoron — but Nobel peeps were suspicious. Institute Director Olav Njolstad filed a police report because he thinks there’s good reason to believe Trump’s nomination is “a fake.” He added, that’s probably how the Prez got nominated last year, too.

Here’s the issue — the process for nominating Peace Prize candidates is highly restricted and limited to government officials, former laureates and some professors.

Njolstad’s concern seems to be that Trump’s nom was entered by someone without proper cred … hence the call for cops to track down the source


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