Melania and Ivanka Trump mocked for women’s history month

Melania and Ivanka Trump acknowledged the start on Women’s History Month on Twitter this week, but their messages fell flat with many social media users — who quickly pointed out their close connection to the president, and his eyebrow-raising personal history with women.

“As we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth we reflect on women’s incredible contributions to our Nation,” Ivanka Trump wrote on social media on Tuesday.

“We honor women’s legacy of achievements—from pioneering innovations & strengthening our communities to leading in business & politics. Women write  America’s proud & thriving history,” she added.

According to PEOPLE,  Ivanka has spoken out about the importance of paid family leave, last week she refused to answer a question about the numerous women who have accussed her father of sexual misconduct, calling the inquiry “inappropriate.”

In October 2016, just weeks before the presidential election, a now-infamous video was released showing Trump boasting to Billy Bush in 2005 of sexually assaulting women. In it, Trump said that because he’s a star he can “grab them by the pussy.” Days later, Trump denied he ever did those things during the second presidential debate, and dismissed the comments as “locker room talk.” Melania Trump also went on record as saying the comments were simply ‘boy talk’

Since 2016, 19 women alleged on the record that Trump had touched, grabbed or kissed them without their permission. Trump has long denied the claims.


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