Amber Tamblyn and her baby almost got hit by a van in NYC

Amber Tamblyn and her 1-year-old daughter were almost mowed down by a man driving a van in NYC Sunday … this according to Amber herself.

The “General Hospital” actress tweeted the scary news late Sunday morning saying a man driving a grey van in Brooklyn had tried ramming her and her baby girl while they were crossing the street in a stroller.

According to TMZ, Amber says the man was honking his horn and that the bumper actually made contact with baby Marlow’s stroller. She asked folks on Twitter to DM her if anyone had seen the man or had any other info.

Luckily, Amber and Marlow seem to be OK — though she says she was shaken by the incident.

TMZ, reached out to the NYPD to see if Amber has filed a police report yet. Law enforcement sources says no 911 calls from the cross streets mentioned by Amber have been placed as of this writing.


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