Kourtney Kardashian just unfollowed her boyfriend and deleted her Instagram

Late Monday night, Kourtney Kardashian unfollowed boyfriend Younes Bendjima and subsequently deleted her Instagram account for a hot sec,  Perez Hilton reports.

Shortly before that, Younes made his account private. As of this minute, both accounts are back up and accessible to the public and the (maybe?) couple are following each other again.

Kourt’s glorious return to Insta was a pic of her and Kim on Khoe’s babymoon-ish trip to Japan. Younes hasn’t ‘grammed anything since February 23, but his current Stories feature cryptic quotes about disconnecting from one’s phone and a Denzel Washington tweet. Do with that what you will.

And, as noted by MarieClaire.com, Scott Disick seemingly unfollowed his girlfriend Sofia Richie around the same time as well. That’s assuming he followed her to begin with; it’s all very unclear.

Source: Cosmopolitan

One thought on “Kourtney Kardashian just unfollowed her boyfriend and deleted her Instagram

  1. Kourtney, you have three beautiful children. I just want to know why do you have to have so many men in your life? You should act like a decent mom. When your children become adults what are you going to tell them? They are going to see your naked pictures. Then what? You young ladies are nothing but sluts. You all take after your mom. While she was married to hear first husband she cheated on him. What goes around comes around. Now you want to have another child from Scott. The both of you needs help bad. You all including your mom needs to get it together.


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