Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn never expected to become a sex symbol in his 50s

President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal has changed Tony Goldwyn’s life “enormously”—all thanks to Fitz’s sex appeal.

According to PEOPLE, Goldwyn, 57, has come to appreciate his fair share of shirtless scenes  throughout the series, even if it used to bother his daughters.

“It’s very interesting and amusing to me that in my 50s I’ve hit the zeitgeist in that way,” he says. “That’s a lot of fun and I very much appreciate it, because I thought it might happen when I was in my 30s.”

With only six episodes left, the Scandal cast fills PEOPLE in on other fun revelations in the 96-page issue, including 16 new cast interviews, a look back at everything that has happened so far (including the top 10 most OMG-worthy moments) and hilarious unseen on-set moments.



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