Pokello Nare poses in Jacuzzi wearing new Pokello pink bottoms shoe

Pokello Nare,  Former Big Brother Africa housemate is always looking sexy and keeps everyone drooling.1723143486712099217_482187868-2.jpg1723325594979312606_482187868-2.jpg

She has produced several shoes which she dedicated to her former Big Brother Africa housemates.  1730446868557879051_482187868-1.jpgThe first was dedicated to Beverly Osu,  Nigerian housemate, the second was dedicated to Annabel, a housemate from Kenya. 1720928178584806961_4821878681731142257485478996_482187868.jpg

The BBA former housemate posted on her IG page, first we work, and then we party. I guess this tells it all with the video below, guess she was having a swell time with her best friend after so much work.

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