Larry King says the second amendment was created to fight off slave uprisings

Larry King has an interesting tidbit for why the Second Amendment should be repealed and it’s got to do with what he says is the real reason it was created to fight off slaves.

According to TMZ, the ex-talk show host Wednesday at E. Baldi in Bev Hills, where he was asked what he thought of former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens‘ NYT-op-ed calling for the amendment giving Americans the right to bear arms to be repealed.

Larry says he’s completely on board, adding that the antiquated provision needs to be rewritten due to unclear language … and also, because it’s “real” purpose is moot now.

He backs a widely discussed theory that the Second Amendment was pushed for by Southern senators who simply wanted to fend off potential slave uprisings. How about that?

Fact is … there was a move back then to keep guns away from slaves, but it’s actually an anti-gun control issue and not an issue about repealing the Second Amendment.

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