David Hogg launching nationwide political activism club

David Hogg‘s ready for another major rally — getting students nationwide to sign up for his political activism club.

According to TMZ, David and the March for Our Lives leaders will be launching a new platform for students to create school clubs and engage them in political activism. Here’s how it’ll go down — students will be able to go on the MFOL’s website and create a club for their school anywhere in the good ol’ US of A.

From there … students get support and help with:

— Letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers

— Hosting town halls

— Planning future marches (like march for our lives)

— Starting voter registration drives

— Supporting candidates who support the MFOL mission (either Democrat or Republican)

— Helping students get on campaign trails

It should be noted … the club is nonpartisan. The goal’s to give students the resources they need to get politically active and make it easy for them to become engaged.

Source : TMZ

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