Former miss universe Alicia Machado claims donald Trump tried to have sex with her

Stunning Venezuelan beauty queen Alicia Machado said she resisted advances from Trump and became his “guinea pig” after he bought the Miss Universe Organisation the year she was crowned in 1996.

She was talking to American Spanish-language TV chat show Suelta La Sopa when she hinted at his in proper behaviour.nintchdbpict000001121326.jpg

Alicia said: “There were many situations with him I have never spoken about.”

When the reporter pressed her, asking “he tried it on?” she replied “Well, yes, why would I say ‘no’ to you.”

She added: “Often you can sleep with someone you don’t know. It wasn’t the case with me. I never had sex with him.”nintchdbpict000270184680-e1523230490755.jpg

When asked if she knew Trump intimately, Alicia replied: “No, I know him as a person. I think that’s worse.”

The 41-year-old, now a US citizen, accused Trump of sexism and racism against Alicia calling her ‘miss piggy’ because she piled on weight after winning the crown.

source: Thesun

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