Wendy Williams calls Khloe Kardashian ‘pathetic’ for trying to ‘Save Face’ with Tristan Thompson

Wendy Williams appears to be giving Tristan Thompson another chance after his cheating was exposed the week she gave birth to their first child and Wendy Williams is not here for it.

According to Toofab, The talk show host unloaded on the reality TV star on her show Monday, after Khloe and Tristan were spotted on a lunch date together Friday and she was seen at one of his basketball games over the weekend.

So they’re saying it looks like Khloe and Tristan are back together. They were spotted having a miserable lunch Friday with friends,” Williams explained at the top of the show. “If you’re really trying to repair — because they’re at a critical point with the new baby, the cheatations, him making out with girls and being disrespectful — they’re at a critical point if they’re trying to make this work.”

“Why’d you bring a friend then? That’s number one. Your lunch should have been the two of you alone,” she criticized. “So, what was this? To me, this is Khloe trying to save face and get out there. It’s not even so much I think about Tristan trying to like, let’s go to lunch to make it look good for the people. I think this is a Khloe thing, this is a Kardashian move right here and it’s really quite pathetic.”

Along with you showing up to his game to support him the other night. Yeah, she was at the game,” Williams went on. “I guess, what’s next Kris? Of course, the wedding special will be coming up, will they really be getting married or will that be a fake wedding? You know what I mean? Just something to keep Khloe out there and Khloe likes the attention as well.”

“Will they have a reality show where the two of them, these parents with crazy careers,” asked Wendy. “I don’t care about Tristan and Khloe.”

One reason she doesn’t care: Williams feels Khloe should have seen the cheating coming, since they started dating right around the time Tristan broke up with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, who was pregnant at the time of the split.

His girlfriend was way hella pregnant when he met Khloe. And Khloe, you knew he was already involved with somebody who was pregnant and you flaunted this relationship all over,” said Williams. “So you get what you get, and I don’t care.”

This isn’t the first time Williams has taken aim at Khloe following the scandal. When it first broke, she said she didn’t feel sorry for anyone but the duo’s baby. “Khloe, you jumped in some mess you don’t need to be involved with from the beginning,” Williams said at the time. “I don’t feel for Khloe. Khloe, you know when you pulled up on him that he had a girlfriend named Jordy Craig and Jordy was 5 months pregnant.”

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