Gunman attempting to rob parents outside school is shot dead by brave mum who is an off-duty cop (video)

A GUNMAN who tried to rob parents standing outside a school with their  children was shot dead by a brave mum  who turned out to be an off-duty cop.

Footage captured the moment Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, pulled a pistol on terrified families in Brazil on Saturday as brave Katia Sastre quickly stepped in.118-1

She can be seen reaching into her handbag to grab her service weapon and firing three shots into his stomach before kicking his .38 revolver away and turning him over.64.png

Parents caught up in the violent scene fled with their kids – who had been attending a Mother’s Day celebration at the school in Suzano ahead of the event, which is marked on May 13 in Brazil.49.png

The criminal was rushed to hospital after Katia made an emergency call from her mobile but died from his injures soon after arrival.

Sao Paolo governor Marcio Franca visited military police officer Katia, 42, at her station yesterday to thank her for her bravery in saving the lives of other parents at her daughter’s school.

He said in a tweet after meeting the mum-of-two, whose daughter attends at the school, at her work HQ: “Her courage and precision yesterday saved mums and daughter at a school entrance.

“Katia acted for two important reasons; in defence of society and in defence of her daughters, her family. I want to thank her for her bravery.”

Footage showed the armed robber, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, come out of nowhere and run up to mums with young children by their side with his gun in his right hand before appearing to try to snatch a bag from one of the parents.

Katia, who has two daughters aged seven and two and is married to a police officer, could be seen discreetly keeping her distance and easing her own weapon out of a bag on her shoulder before opening fire on the criminal from close range.

She took refuge behind a parked car as he writhed in agony on the floor before approaching him again when she realised he was no longer a danger and disarming him – wearing her civilian clothes of jeans, white T-shirt and a pink top.

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Source: The sun

Video source: Dailymail

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