Blac Chyna’s assistant dies after being taken off life support : Report

Blac Chyna’s assistant Lorena “Patty” Hernandez has reportedly died, days after being declared brain dead.

The Blast reports that Patty passed away on Wednesday after the decision was made to take her off life support. “Hello Everyone it is with a heavy heart that I would like to share that this morning May 14 Patty was pronounced Brain Dead after a 3rd bleed and will have to be disconnected. We ask you keep our family in prayer during this difficult time,” an update on the GoFundMe page set up for Patty stated on Monday.

The page also shares Patty’s story, explaining that in July 2017 she “suffered a stroke that left her partially blind, after several tests, the doctors diagnosed her with a brain AVM ‘Arteriovenous Malformation’ that was present since birth.”

Due the location of her AVM, a surgery was not possible and her only option for a treatment was radiation therapy, a therapy that takes 2 years to be effective. Yet even radiation therapy does not guarantee her AVM to not rupture causing a head hemorrhage (a bleeding in the brain),” it’s stated on the GoFundMe page. “What complicated her condition even more was that Patty was also pregnant. Doctors advised a pregnancy termination, but due to the fact that doctors were not guaranteeing her health, she decided to proceed with the pregnancy. Despite the complication her AVM produced which included: severe headaches, dizziness, a higher risk pregnancy, and stress rupturing a brain vein. The doctors advised her to not work, but that was not an option for Patty who had her 3 children depending on her for financial security.”

The GoFundMe page also states that on Dec. 18, Patty “suffered a severe head bleed that left her unconscious.” She was taken to the hospital where doctors helped “to treat her head hemorrhage by draining the blood flooding in her brain.”

“After a catscan and a couple of days, Patty was finally stable and doctors advised to terminate her pregnancy, therefore; lowering the chances of another head bleed which would leave her permanently disabled or dead,” the description continues. “Patty’s pregnancy was sadly terminated on December 28, 2017. On January 11, 2018 she had a seizure which caused her brain to bleed again, this time the bleed was of a stronger magnitude and left Patty in a state of coma.”

The Blast also reports that Patty suffered the brain hemorrhage in January at Chyna’s salon in Encino, Calif.

The GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for Patty’s medical expenses and to help her children. A donation from Chyna’s ex, Tyga (real name Michael Stevenson), can be seen on the GoFundMe page. He was the first to donate to the page, in the amount of $5,000. About $34,000 has been raised since the page was created in January.

Source: E!news

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