Patick J Adams slammed over Instagram posts

According to the SUN, The actor came under fire for uploading the unflattering photo of the fan who pointed out a “terrible photo” of him in the paper, telling him he looked “chunky”.


Following the backlash, Patrick swiftly deleted it, but not before the unnamed woman’s face was seen by his 2.1million followers.

Patrick, who played Meghan’s on-screen husband, came into contact with the woman at Heathrow Airport as he waited for his flight home.

After listening to her insults, the Suits actor promptly hit back at the Heathrow passenger by revealing her asleep in the airport lounge.

The 36-year-old captioned the photo: “She reads her paper. See’s picture of me and Troian from wedding. ‘My God. What a terrible photo of you.’

“I look over. ‘Really. I kind of like that photo. What do you think is wrong with it?’ She pauses. ‘Well, you’re just so….chunky.’ She laughs and falls asleep. And …. scene.”

The TV actor’s fans were split over his decision to post the photo.

Some praised him for the revenge tactic, while others said he had publicly shamed her.

One said:  “I expect better from you. She’s rude and what she did was uncalled for but sometimes you don’t have to get even.”

While another added: “So rude! You both looked great! Someone’s jealous they didn’t get to go.”

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