Amir Khan’s wife trolled for posting selfies during Ramadan

The Pakistani model, 26, had trademark dramatic make up, long curly lack hair and a bright floral shirt unbuttoned to show a little bit of cleavage.

But Muslim Faryal was soon hit with a wave of abuse for not observing the Muslim month of fasting and reflection.

One wrote: “It’s Ramadan! Never mind Spain, you should be praying and repenting your sins!”

But the boxer’s wife was in no mood to take the criticism lying down.

She replied: “And you should be worrying about your own sins”, adding a smiling emoji.

Faryal is well known for her sexy looks and social media selfies.

But posting during the holy month drew a few negative comments.

One posted: “Sister first you wear hijab then I will take you Spain promise.”IMG_20180523_023540.jpg

Another said: “Wear decent cloths you can see your chest disgusting Muslim.”

Others came to her defence, with one saying: “Why do Muslim guys tell her to wear hijab when they follow her lol how hypocritical you look beautiful.”

And one fan added: “‘Regards to Faryal going holiday to spain or any random places its perfectly fine.

“Ramadan doesn’t have holiday barriers. I travel the world too.

Source: The Sun

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