Snoop Dogg slams Kim Kardashian

SNOOP Dogg has slammed Kim Kardashian, saying Kanye West is “missing a black woman in his life” to keep him in check.


The rap legend lost his patience with Kanye over his eccentric rants about politics and slavery on social media-  but has now done a U-turn and pledged to help the troubled Gold Digger star.


When asked about his reaction to Kanye’s comments about slavery being “a choice”, Snoop said: “I thought he needed some medical attention, first and foremost.

“But then after I got past the laughing I started feeling sad for him.

“He truly misses his mother, he truly misses a black woman in his life, he truly misses the stability of having somebody tell him when he is wrong and correcting him and checking him as opposed to allowing him to continue to do what he’s doing.

“And that to me… he needs help. Like to me he’s crying out for help.”

Source: The Sun

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