Kendall Jenner &Ben Simmons hit the hotel together with overnight bag (video)

Kendal Jenner’s date night with  Ben Simmons seemed to go well … because it ended at a fancy Beverly Hills hotel — together!

After a dinner date at The Nice Guy, the two rolled over to Hyde Nightclub where they partied together until around 2:10 AM … and then ultimately ended up at the Waldorf Astoria.

Ben helped Kendall bring in her bag from the car — and you can probably guess how the rest of the night went from there. kendall-jenner-ben-simmons-together-date-night-photos-03-480w.jpg

Doesn’t seem to be a one-night stand sorta thing … the two have reportedly been dating for weeks — and we know they already had a dinner date on Monday nitekendall-jenner-ben-simmons-together-date-night-photos-01-480w.jpgkendall-jenner-ben-simmons-together-date-night-photos-10-480w.jpg

Meanwhile, Ben’s ex-GF, Tinashe, is also moving on … she hit a nearby club where NBA star Donovan Mitchell happened to be partying too.



Source : TMZ

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