Toyin Lawani: Nina please enjoy your car, no strings attached (video)

After Toyin Lawani gave Nina ivy, Ex-BBN housemate a car for her birthday, trolls have been attacking her, claiming she bought Nina a car for a reason.

Toyin Lawani took to Instagram to address this issue and also advised her followers to learn to support each other.



She wrote: “Learn to support each other,Not hate,I hate replying trolls or low lives on social media,cause most people just want to use me to trend their business,Blogs or hustle,so I ignore them,I’m too classy for most of this ish,Too many negative post on me all the time😘But like my mom says that means you are doing something they can’t,they will be Quick to post gossip buy ask you to pay to post your good works,Too Busy Running Over 30businesses and feeding my two kids,But when an honest gesture turns to stupid comments it’s so irritating,so you honestly don’t believe there are people out there ,who help without expecting anything back?then you have not met the right people,some would even be ungrateful after ,but it shouldn’t stop you from helping people,cause the next person might not be like the last person you helped,maybe I should have collected all the peoples lives I changed back and hold them by the neck for helping them🤷‍♀️some will even publicly insult you after helping them,well it’s not my style,not even my style to rant about how many things I’ve done for this or that,the stars you worship today I made some of them and you don’t see me talking about them,when you help,you get it back in 10 folds,try it it works, @nina_ivy_ Baby girl enjoy your car,it’s in your name and no strings attached,you have been wanting it since Inside the Bigbrother house and God made it happen for you,not man 💋This is just the beginning,keep focusing on your Goals and grow a thick skin like I and our life coach @lailasmd told you,that’s the fastest way to success,you can’t please the world,some will hate you and they won’t even know you deep down,that’s the price you pay for success Atimes,Remember success is not transmitted disease,you have to work hard for it and put in extra hours,you are on your way to the top ,Entrepreneurship needs focus so pls ignore the negative noise and embrace only the positive,stay blessed.


Lesson of the Day,
People who don’t know you Always have the most to say about you,All they do is jump on post and comment without thinking or digging ,may your life be half sweet as mine or @nina_ivy_ ,your comment cannot Collect the car Back from her,Ask around I have Bought Atleast 5cars for people who have worked with me,Got houses for them too and you don’t see me bragging about it online cause it’s not my style ,now crawl under a rock and die,I did mine for God and dont expect anything back,Shes Free to mingle with anyone she pleases,she didn’t have to sign anything,when I was styling all of them in the house to look good on tv for you all to love them,where were you people?
Please Be gone,I will Address this just once and that’s it,At 22 years old @nina_ivy_ s age I already had 4shops at unilag,Supermarket,phone center,butik,spa etc had a kid at 23,was already going to honkong,Korea,usa,UK,since I was 14years old ,I had the pedigree cause I’m from a Rich and my parents helped me,But setbout by myself at 16 and never went back home for help,saved my pocket money to start,used my money to buy things for my shop in school while my siblings spent theirs,This Girl is hustling for herself,I’m teaching her to be independent and not rely on anyone,some of you start your career late and expect to hit Gold in a day,I started mine early and that’s how I got here,don’t ask me how I made it,Buy my Book The Dairy of A Business Mogul ,which is coming out soon,you will learn how to turn small cash to big money,I Empower to inspire,Leaders make more leaders not more followers,keep your shallow Brain Busy.
Atleast i don’t have to Rely in A Man to eat.


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