Neymar cusses out Costa Rica players ‘puta’ (video)

Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar got so pissed off the pitch Friday, he cussed out some of his opponents — insulting their mothers — and it was broadcast for the world to see.

Neymar and Brazil were taking on Costa Rica in a World Cup Group E game in Russia — it was very chippy and Neymar was getting VERY frustrated.

So, when a Costa Rica guy appeared to flop — again — Neymar let him have it … calling the dude a “puta” and muttering something about the guy’s “madre.”

Translation — the insult is akin to someone calling your mother a whore or a bitch … you get it.

Soccer players talking trash is nothing new — but Neymar is one of the biggest, most famous players on the planet … it would be like watching LeBron cuss out an opponent during the NBA Finals.

As for the game, Brazil ultimately won 2-0 … so, Neymar got the last laugh.


Source: TMZ

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