Instagram model, 19, brutally bitten by shark while doing ocean

Katarina Zarutskie, 19, was vacationing in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family, when she decided to take advantage of getting an epic Instagram pic. The group passed an area in the ocean where several nurse sharks were swarming, and since it was promoted that swimming with these creatures was a safe and normal activity in the area, Katarina decided to hop in and get some photos (Note: a warning sign by the pool of sharks clearly stated that the animals “can and do bite” on occasion). Unfortunately, one of the sharks wasn’t as friendly as advertised…because it swam right up to Katarina and BIT her on the arm!


“He had my wrist in his mouth and I could feel his teeth sinking into my arm,” Katarina explained to NBC News “I was pulled underwater for a few seconds and then ripped by wrist out of the shark’s mouth as fast as I could.” Luckily, Katarina was able to remain calm. She quickly realized it was best to pull her arm out of the water so blood wouldn’t attract more of the creatures, and she was able to get to safety before any more damage was done. However, the bite left her with pretty gnarly bite marks on her wrist, and it definitely looks painful.


After learning about risk of infection, Katarina quickly flew back home for further treatment. She’s been taking various antibiotics to prevent infection from bacteria, and admitted that she’s worried about how this injury will affect her modeling career. Still, at the end of the day, she said she’s “fortunate that [she] still [has her] arm and [her] life.”

Doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm,” she revealed. “And I will forever have a scar.” We’re so glad she’s okay.

Source: Hollywoodlife


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