Colombian drug gang puts $70k on Cocaine sniffing dog

Colombian narcotics officer Sombra — a decorated German Shepherd — is on the run after one of the most powerful drug cartels put a $70k bounty on her furry head.

According to TMZ, the Urabeños drug gang, Colombia’s most feared criminal organization, put the hit on Sombra after the 6-year-old pooch recently sniffed out nearly 10 TONS of cocaine in 2 separate busts. Who’s a good doggie??

Sombra (Shadow in English) had been working Colombia’s port cities, but officials have moved her beat to the Bogota airport because it’s outside the Urabeños turf. Translation: She’s on desk duty, for her own safety.

The gang is known for taking out hits on its enemies, but usually in the hundreds of dollars.

Why so high for Sombra? She’s a badass narc — in her 6 years, she’s helped bust 245 suspects!

Source: TMZ

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