Erika De La Rosa: Becoming a mother is a very strong, revealing and magical process

Erika De La Rosa took to Instagram to write on her experience as a mother, she wrote;

“Not every day is like that, apapachos and smiles. In fact there are many (many) days when I become an ogre and she gets tired of seeing mom so angry.”8e938396b5ff298ad2a48e328f3901b5.jpg

“There are days when I cry with emotion when I smell his hair while he sleeps and others in which I cry in frustration for my lack of patience. However, as much as I stretch the league, Mom’s love and need for warmth make her bounce against me again and again.”

“And I learn from him, I learn from the strength of his little heart, his joy and his ability to start over like that every minute.”cbdb47ae64be983d2fdc5b0e69ac67f0

“Becoming a mother is a very strong, revealing and magical process, it has no end. So every time we hit a “bad patch” I try to remember it and thank the opportunity that life and my daughter give me to learn, to be humble and to try again. It’s not corny, it’s a reality, the children are eternal teachers and mirrors, that fortune to live the gift and have them, right ?! Who’s the same?


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