Popular hair seller Mizwanneka, narrates story on how she made her way to the top

Popular hair seller, Mizwanneka narrates story on our she started her journey as the Hair Boss. She narrated her experience on her Instagram handle, she wrote;


“This place tho , I’ll never forget my very first shop ever (festac town ) I was on the top floor. I had seen a finer shop before this one , got home , tried to convince hubby I needed a shop (to sell what exactly sef) he went to see it with me , talked with the owner and promised to pay them the next week . The day came and we went to pay with all excitement, the owner said he had given it out already , there’s no English I didn’t speak to convince him .

In my mind , this man wants to kill my shine. I was devastated and didn’t want to go without getting somewhere else that day ( since it was still morning ) there’s no street in festac I didn’t go to looking for a shop that’s within the amount we had .

Finally got this one , was like magic , the agent was right there and willing to seal the deal immediately if we wanted , we talked and quickly paid for this ,same day. there was an office table inside the shop , and the agent said the former occupants dashed him, so I begged him to sell it to me, imagine getting a shop and office table same day, that’s God at work.  I went to the carpenter nearby , ordered for boards and few things to hang my hairs wen I get .hubby bought me tv and fan and painted the shop and girl I was the happiest person on earth that period.


I forgot to check the neighbourhood before renting , then rain came and everywhere was flooded these bike men won’t even let u enter ur shop in peace , bus drivers , bike men , hawkers , everyone indirectly had a shop in front  the place smelled like sh*** and hubby use to dread coming there because of the smell .but me ? I didn’t care , I loved my shop with the smell  and I’ll even carry Emily who was few months there, Untill her father said pls ,stop it.

Today , hair by wanneka is on 3 storey building in lekki phase 1 well decorated to my taste and paid for with money gotten from hairbywanneka, tomorrow is Monday , dress up and go to that small shop of urs , forget the location  just go there and be as positive as possible
N/b- I never had more than 7-8 full hair on display in the almighty shop o. Thanks for this pics @glam.madam for this pics

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