Ese Eriata: Why I never get sad

Ese Eriata, former Housemate of BBN, Posted on her Instagram handle why she is never sad, she wrote;

People often ask me why I never get sad or feel down; truth is there’s no point feeling down because it won’t change anything, I’ve come to realize that life is full of ups and downs, things are not meant to be smooth all the time, so anytime life hits me so hard; I’m not moved because I know tomorrow is coming and it’s definitely going to be better so I’m happy in advance that my life is going to be sweet tomorrow, believe me I’m never worried because I got someone who has assured me that he’ll never let me down and I believe him; his name is God.


Some people say I do it for the gram lol, trust me it’s never for the gram; that I can breathe is already enough for me to be happy. Let sadness stay far away from you; you have no business with it. #goodvibesonly#happinesisfree

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