Amelia Vega answers those who accuse her of being stingy

When one has just become a mother, as in the case of Amelia Vega, free moments are scarce. So the little ones that they have are trying to take advantage of it doubly. That was at least the intention of Dominican beauty when she went out to get a manicure and pamper herself a little.

An experience that, however, did not go as she expected. Her Stories video on Instagram showed us how her nails worked in a place near home. Everything seemed to be in order until you see the final result. Amelia was quite unhappy and so she did know in networks.

His complaints about a bad job caused the reaction of some followers who even called him stingy on the same platform. Something that made the mannequin react immediately.


“Do you understand why I sometimes do things myself? If you do a job, give yourself the pleasure of doing it well, let people pay you by feeling good about your work. I hate to give my money for something that makes it worse than me, “replied the newly converted mother of her third child.0997d79ebcbb4ec0b61dfaaddad4dda1.jpg

The message was addressed to a follower who mistakenly sent a message to her where she called him stingy for not wanting to pay for a manicure. Shortly after Amelia published the images of the final result to let people know the reason for their discomfort. It’s not money, it’s work badly done, he said.

The one that was Miss Universe said in her recording that the thing would not be like that and that the next day she would go to the place to complain. We will be aware of what happens!



Source: people

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