Exclusive: Patricia Manterola joins the fifth season of Woman of Steel

The fifth season of the successful superset Woman Of Steel: The Coyote began to take shape a few months ago in Mexico with the start of their recordings.

In addition to David Chocarro, who will become the new gallant in history after the departure of Luis Ernesto Franco (Daniel Phillips), another well-known Mexican actress will play an important role in the fiction that Carolina Miranda heads since 2016.

This is also the singer and presenter Patricia Manterola, who has just joined the recordings of the Telemundo production, as we could know exclusively from People en Español.

Manterola, who has starred in successful Televisa soap operas such as Apuesta por un amor (2005) and Acapulco, cuerpo y alma (1995), began this week recording her scenes with the cast of the super-series, so her character will not come out well. advanced the season.


With her participation in this story, which will premiere soon Telemundo in prime time, the actress makes her expected return in the soap operas to a decade of having participated in Destilando amor (2007) since although last year she returned to acting as a protagonist of the 13 episode comedy series Renta Congelada, this is the first time that the 46-year-old performer has participated in a daily fiction since she took a decade ago the decision to retire from the world of acting to devote herself body and soul to her facet from mom.

The fifth season of Woman Of Steel will give an important temporary jump of six years, so we will see an important change in all the characters of the super-series, including its protagonist, Vicenta Acero, who now will have a six-year-old son as a result of her relationship with the late Daniel Phillips.

The super series will also have the return of the feared Teca Martinez, the biggest threat of the Steel, who on this occasion will not be played by the Mexican actor José Luis Reséndez as the chain failed to reach an economic agreement with the interpreter.


Source: People


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