Olarslim: my brand has grossed over 31 million in 6months

Olarslim, popular style blogger, took to Instagram to tell her fans she has never and will never buy followers.

“Someone asked me yesterday; Did u buy followers Olar, how did u build ur page,u bought followers abeg🤔
First of all, if I was into paying for things on this app I would have bought the 150,000 naira verification check since.


Secondly, I’m glad some of you think I have so much money and I claim it, cos that’s the only way U’d ever think that.
Thirdly, this gets me very excited and I want to really use this opportunity to motivate my fellow sisters in business, The @Olarslim and @olarsgrace brand just grossed over 31 million in six months but I still ain’t paying for a blue check and I’m still not gon buy followers.

When u work hard and u are accompanied by the God’s grace people will search for ur name by themselves, even people who don’t like u will search for you once u are winning. No rush, Na small time remain.

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