Angelica Celaya wishes son a happy birthday (pictures)

Telemundo star Angelica Celaya took to Instagram to celebrate sons birthday, she is so thankful she is his mum.7365b5c4d8f8e48a78af76f7ce148d50.jpg

She wrote, “The hour that changed my life forever. The hour that my heart began to beat out of me.
When I met what is the purest love I can give.

The hour that God brought to the world what he had prayed so much for.
I never imagined that you were so perfect, so smiling, so Happy, so you! I love you my #AngelAlessandro Thank you for choosing me to be your mother.
Happy Birthday my love!6a4c4fcad13e42c46951f3cc50f259ba.jpgc3a22b4d25035ce1a58f28beb25636bf.jpg06cfc80fc4d06e130f27c596ddcd91b8.jpg9bf76a9e0e10f84ea177c084ad090b6c.jpg

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