Laura Ikeji : How I became a successful entrepreneur (video)

Laura Ikeji shares inspiring story of how she made it to the top, watch what she has to say.

My name is Laura Ikeji, I’m a fashion entrepreneur and an influencer. Many people see me today and think I had it easy because my sister is one of the most successful bloggers in Africa. No I didn’t, the journey wasn’t smooth at all.

After graduating from Unilag, I became confused on what to do or go about my life. Although I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wasn’t willing to work for anybody, I wanted to be my own boss but I didn’t know how to go about it, things didn’t go as planned and everyone tagged me as unserious especially since I would spend my time on Facebook and Twitter.

At a point I began to doubt myself, I was confused, I was scared, bitter and angry. People would bash me, talk down on me, insult me on social media…say things like “I’m only comfortable because of my sister” but one day I spoke to myself, I decided to break out, break out from the shackles of confusion, fear and bitterness. I decided to break out from my sister’s shadow…I wanted to be known as Laura Ikeji and not Linda Ikeji’s sister…I decided to follow my dreams and then I discovered Instagram; which has turned out to be the biggest highlight of my life and career.

I hustled, I worked hard, I prayed, I grew my followers through various means, I carved a niche for myself and today I can say confidently that I am a successful entrepreneur, a brand influencer, I’m a girl boss, I’m an author, a mom and a wife. I did all these things by breaking out.

What is your break out story? Share them with me.

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