Mizwanneka: I failed as many times as I’m succeeding today

Popular hair seller, Mizwanneka tells inspiring story of how she became one of the most successful hair sellers in Nigeria.

“Have I ever told y’all that I failed as many times as I’m succeeding today ? Leme explain
Wen I started this hair business, every single money my husband invested went down , I’ll order for hair,and before u will know it , money used in ordering will finish , even small profit made will also finish , hair will finish .so for every time I needed to order new hair for the store , it was fresh money 🤦‍♀️ Then i realized wat was happening ,wenever I sell 1 hair , before I see who to buy another one , it will be months later 🤦‍♀️ so while waiting and looking for the next person to patronize, I would have already spent the other one on one thing or the other ,and this kept on happening . So after sales , I won’t have the money I ordered with , I won’t have my profit and I also won’t have any product available .so it just had to be a fresh money to reorder , who does that ? Only failures I guess 😂 but I never stopped👍

Today it’s different , I own a multiple million Naira hair business 🙌 it can only be God .dont stop ,Keep working and keep looking for new ways to do things in ur business . God will never leave nor forsake you . He will bless the work of your hands 🙏

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