Pablo Montero is attacked by security team of the husband of Victoria Ruffo

Like most Mexican singers, Pablo Montero made a couple of presentations to celebrate the holidays in his native country. However, during his last concert he suffered a setback with the security team of Omar Fayad, husband of Victoria Ruffo and governor of Hidalgo, Mexico. This, because they were assigned to the same dressing room; when the singer wanted to occupy the space, the guards prevented him.

“Nobody pushes me,” Montero warned Mexican television program Ventaneando (TV Azteca). “I am very angry”.

Despite the incident and the assault he was subjected to, the interpreter of “Poquito de oro” assured that he has no conflict with Omar Fayad and Victoria Ruffo; He even removed them from the brawl, but he did ask that “the man who pushed me” behave a little because he was slightly injured in his right arm.

“I love him [Omar Fayad] and Victoria [Ruffo] very much. But I do not know why the security people were like that. I’m not going to win anyone, “he said. “We come to work and celebrate our independence.”

The actor also took the opportunity to ensure that everything is going well in his marriage and now his priority is his children “the girls and Daniel”. In addition, he claimed to be free of vices and addictions for his benefit and that of the people he loves; therefore, now, he prefers to concentrate on his work only.

“Leaving all the bad habits,” he said. “If I’m not well, nobody will be fine.”

Pablo Montero continues to perform concerts while he gets a new opportunity on television.

Source: People


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