Lord of the Skies: It was a bit hard to live the change of actors- Carmen Aub

Carmen Aub, who plays Rutila Casillas in The Lord of the Skies, recognizes that “it was a bit hard” to live the change of actors that the character of El Chema suffered in this season of The Lord of the Skies (Telemundo) after Mauricio Ochmann, with whom she had achieved an important chemistry on screen for several years, resigned and was replaced by the interpreter of Cuban origin Alberto Guerra.

“It was a bit hard because, in addition to the dumbbell that I had already done with Mauricio and all the scenes of a whole story, for me it was thinking is the same character but obviously as an actor he will give other touches, other nuances, that is, what will he do? How will the public take it? Because the public already had this illusion and the fans are very fanatical about the subject of Rutila and El Chema, “the actress said in an exclusive interview with People en Español.


Her fear, however, disappeared as soon as she recorded the first scene with the new actor.

“The truth is that since I recorded the first scene with Alberto I said if it happens to the public what happened to me that you stop thinking about what it was before, because it’s something else, you realize that it’s just as incredible because Alberto is a superprofessional and super-talented actor, “She acknowledges.

Source: People En Español


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