Lord of the Skies: without Aurelio Casillas the series won’t be worth it- disappointed fans react

The followers of The Lord of the Skies had high hopes that Rafael Amaya, who stopped appearing in the superset since his character, Aurelio Casillas, was left in a coma at the end of July, would make his expected return during the end of the sixth season that Telemundo broadcast last night at 10 pm, Eastern time. But it was not like that.


The renowned Mexican gallant shone by his absence during the closing of season of the successful fiction, whose protagonism fell once again in Amado Leal (Matías Novoa) and company.

The disappointment that generated the fact of not seeing Amaya on screen was noted on social networks, where fans of the superset turned all their discontent.

“I was disappointed not to see Rafael Amaya in the final. The series was worth it for him. It is not that it demeans the work of the other actors, because in reality they are all very good, but the pillar of the series is Aurelio Casillas and without him the series is no longer the same, “opined one viewer.

“The worst end of all seasons. A disaster as they ruined the series. Without Rafael Amaya it does not make any sense, “wrote another follower of the superset on Instagram.

However, the hope of seeing the actor again in the next season of The Lord of the Skies is still alive as the outcome left the door open for a possible return of Amaya since he saw his character finally wake up from the coma, although obviously it was not the Mexican heartthrob who was interpreting it but a double.

Source: People En Español


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