Rafael Amaya reappears after several months in ‘unknown whereabouts’

Since his character was in a coma in The Lord of the Skies in mid-July, Rafael Amaya has stayed completely away from the media focus. The Mexican actor has not only disappeared from social networks – he has not shared anything since April – but also from public life.

His mysterious disappearance has given rise in recent months to all kinds of speculation, including complications in his state of health as a result of the disease he contracted during the recordings of the fiction. None of this, fortunately, is true.

After several months in ‘unknown whereabouts’, the 41-year-old lover was recently seen at an event in Mexico along with a well-known Mexican politician named Tatiana Clouthier, who is part of the team of the current President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO ). Is it that the actor is going to enter the world of politics?

Clouthier boasted last week of the company of the protagonist of The Lord of the Skies through their social networks, where he posted the snapshot in which Amaya appears.


Judging by how the actor looks in the photo does not seem to have any health problems, as much has been rumored in recent months; so on that side the supporters of the actor can breathe easy as everything indicates that Amaya is making his life with normality despite not being seen in the media or social networks.

“We finally see it,” commented a follower of The Lord of the Skies after seeing the snapshot.

Source: People En Español

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